Annabel Karmel

Making a social splash




Toddler Ready Meals


New customer acquisition

Crave & Lamb were appointed by Annabel Karmel in 2014 to execute a digital acquisition strategy that drove product sales in store with Sainsburys and Waitrose.

Through extensive channel insight and analysis we decided that the best channel to deliver scale and cost effectiveness was Paid Social.

By utilising advanced connection targeting strategies between prospective customer behaviour, intent and competitor engagement we were able to pool significant customer segments in a variety of clusters. These segments were subsequently split into further sub categorisation and treated individually within the social platforms we manage. We delivered differing creatives and creative formats whilst encouraging social sharing. The mum’s audience on Facebook gave us constant customer insight that we then re-allocated to the front of all campaigns.



Under CPC Target


Over New Customer Target


Creative Testing Improvement


Over Engagement Rates

What our client said

“Crave & Lamb manage the paid social for Annabel Karmel and we have been delighted with the performance of the campaigns as well as the approach and delivery of the team. Our campaigns target parents looking for healthy ready meals for their children and the team at C&L have been incredibly innovative in terms of how they target these consumers. Crave & Lamb are diligent, hard working, attentive, always happy to explain the detail and importantly are really focused on improving the efficiencies of our campaigns”

Marketing Manager.

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