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Introducing Fabletics


New customer acquisition

Crave & Lamb were briefed to formulate a TV Marketing strategy with a DR focus, working towards a Cost Per Lead goal and also encouraging as many of the leads as possible to convert into monthly subscriptions. We were aware that crediting a lead back to all broadcast activity would be a challenge, particularly with Fabletic’s own digital acquisition channels simultaneously coming into play.

Based on extensive analysis of the online women’s retail sector Mosaic clusters, Crave & Lamb formulated a media plan which included channels that profiled well within a target audience of Women age 17 – 31 against a DR day-time hours of 9.30am – 5.30pm. With the challenge of Fabletics being a relatively unknown brand in the UK, there was also an element of branding to incorporate and therefore key channels were traded against an all-time day-part.

By employing industry leading cross channel media analysis tools, we were able to match up our TV spot schedule with web response data (visits, leads and sales) and formulate a bespoke attribution model which takes into account the following variables to name a few: baseline lead generation, channel size, impact over and under delivery, frequency, CPT and propensity of conversion against buying audience. We used a short attribution window and ensured that the baseline was dynamic taking into account seasonal, weekly and time of day fluctuations to organic and existing lead generation. With a data-focused approach that is typically seen on a digital campaign, we were able to closely monitor and identify the likelihood of certain spots to generate a converting customer as well as isolate any underlying traffic; this enabled us to quantify the response of TV and subsequently optimise towards an on-target CPL.



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What our client said

“We have been really pleased the performance of our TV campaigns with Crave & Lamb. Their data-led approach has really helped us understand what elements of our campaigns are working best and this has helped us scale and grow. Thanks again for being such great partners”

Marketing Manager.

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